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The German Quaternary Association (Deutsche Quartärvereinigung, DEUQUA e.V.) is the official union of German speaking Quaternary scientists. The aim of the Association is to support Quaternary science, to present it to the public, to intensify contacts to the applied sciences, and to provide advice to public and political authorities on issues related to Quaternary science. Furthermore, the Association supports networking among Quaternary scientists and related organizations worldwide.

E&G Quaternary Science Journal

DEUQUA publishes the peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary open-access journal E&G Quaternary Science Journal twice per year.

EGQSJ publishes peer-reviewed articles and express reports, as well as thesis abstracts related to Quaternary geology, paleo-environments, paleo-ecology, soil science, paleo-climatology, geomorphology, geochronology, archaeology, and geoarchaeology focussing on, but not limited to, research from central Europe.

Professorship of Palaeontology in Greifswald

The Institute of Geography and Geology at the University of Greifswald’s Faculty of
Mathematics and Natural Sciences invites applications for a Professorship of Palaeontology (W2 with tenure track to W2)
. The candidate should be an expert in the field of palaeontology and environmental change with special emphasis on reconstructing climate change in marine/continental systems throughout earth’s history. We are particularly interested in developing the field of quaternary science, and the candidate is expected to make a significant contribution to this topic. Links to other research activities will be welcomed, in particular in the fields of sedimentology, regional geology, physical geography marine geology and geochemistry, hydrogeology, soil ecology and sustainable resource development. The candidate should have a distinct background in geology, be a committed field researcher and willing to contribute to the University’s current key field of research, “Environmental Change: Response and Adaptation (ECRA)”.

Scientists at an early career phase are particularly encouraged to apply. The professorship is initially filled for a period of four years (§ 61(1) LHG M-V). The position is provided with a tenure track (W2).


Please find all details in the PDF file below.

W2-TT Professorship Palaeontology Univer
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PhD position in Landscape Evolution modeling - LEM

The Giessen working group is dealing with earth surface processes at different temporal and spatial
scales, among others with Holocene soil erosion of mesoscale river catchments. Causes for soil erosion – triggered by climate or human activities – are investigated and the spatio-temporal pattern of soil erosion and its sediments are assessed by empirical approaches, using geoscientific field and laboratory methods.


The PhD position is offered for three years starting as soon as possible. Payment will be in accordance
with TV-H 13. Your work place will be located in Giessen, a university town north of Frankfurt and is
easy to reach by public transport or bike.


Please send an application outlining your fit for the position  to


Please find all details in the PDF files provided for download below (English and German).

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W3 Professorship at Kiel University

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Kiel University, Germany, invites applications for a new Professorship Geoarchaeology and Environmental Hazards (W3) at the Institute for Ecosystem Research in the Section of Geography to be filled for the summer term 2020. The new professorship will integrate and develop ecosystem and geoarchaeological concepts and methods. A focus will be placed on the quantitative reconstruction, analysis and modelling of geomorphological, archaeo-sedimentological, and archaeo-pedological dynamics and long-term processes in cultural landscapes.

Please find all details in the PDF files below.

engl_W3 Professorship Geoarchaeology and
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