PhD Position, University of Gdańsk

A multiple in-situ cosmogenic nuclides approach to dating erratics within the southern fringe of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet (DatErr 2.0)


The Department of Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology at the University of Gdańsk is looking for a motivated person for a PhD position within the National Science Centre SONATA BIS project.


The PhD candidate will be responsible for the analysis of glacial erratics located in the area of the maximum extent of the last ice sheet, as well as the collection and preparation of samples for  cosmogenic nuclides 10Be and 14C analysis.


The project is led by Dr. Karol Tylmann from the Geomorphological Reconstructions Laboratory,
Department of Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology. Candidates are requested to send their CV,  motivation letter, references from the supervisor of their master's thesis or immediate superior, and consent to the processing of personal data to the following email address: The final deadline for submissions is August 15st at 15:00, and the competition results will be announced by August 31st, 2024.


All details are available from the PDF below.


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