DEUQUA issues the following publications.


E&G Quaternary Science Journal

E&G – Quaternary Science Journal (formerly: Eiszeitalter und Gegenwart) is a peer-reviewed open access journal which publishes articles covering all aspects of Quaternary science. Details can be found here and of course on the website of the journal.

Field guidebooks

DEUQUA published field guidebooks as part of its biannual conferences or for special events.


DEUQUA news is published in the Geowissenschaftliche Mitteilungen (GMIT), the quarterly bulletin of the Berufsverband Deutscher Geowissenschaftler (BDG), Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft (DGG), Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft (DMG), Geologische Vereinigung (GV), Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften (GGW), Paläontologische Gesellschaft and DEUQUA.