E&G QSJ first Journal Impact factor & Special Issue @INQUA

To celebrate the first Journal Impact Factor and CiteScore of E&G QSJ submission for a special issue of E&G QSJ inspired by INQUA will open soon. Inspired by the motto of INQUA Roma, the SI will be titled "Quaternary research in times of change – inspired by INQUA Roma 2023". It will be advertised on the journal website with the following teaser:


"This special issue is inspired by the motto of the 2023 INQUA conference held in Rome, Italy, in July 2023. The years since the last INQUA conference held in Dublin in 2019, have indeed been times of change in many respects, but the programme of this year’s INQUA conference impressively documents that Quaternary research has accepted and coped with these challenges. This special issue aims at assembling contributions reflecting the advances in all fields of Quaternary research. Finally, it celebrates that E&G QSJ has received its first impact factor and CiteScore in July 2023. As a community-based journal, we especially welcome contributions from young researchers."


It woud be great if you could please help us to advertise the SI at INQUA, or elsewhere, because the SI is not restricted to contributions presented at INQUA. For advertising purposes, you'll find a teaser slide for download below this text, which should comply with the INQUA presentation guidelines. If you would like to contribute to the SI, please don't hesitate to contact us. You will find all key information for submission in the teaser slide below.


Kind regards,
Gilles Rixhon (lead guest editor), Julia Meister (guest editor), Ingmar Unkel (guest editor), Christopher Lüthgens (chief editor)


EGQSJ Teaser Slide INQUA Special Issue-2
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