Train-ME Summer Schools

Training School on Methods in Applied Earth- and Aquatic Sciences
(contemporaneously carried out in South Africa and Germany / 18-25 September 2021)

Participants of the Summer School will be trained in bio- and geoscientific fieldwork sampling, applied in terrestrial and aquatic environments. Water samples will be analysed in the field or field lab with both inexpensive and simple methods such as e.g. pH- indicator paper or salinity refractometer, as well as more costly field methods, such as the application of handheld multi-parameter probes or portable spectrophotometers with analytical rapid tests. Biological field methods will include plankton hauls and benthos samples, while geo techniques will focus on surface sampling of soils and sediments and long sequences of deeper soil / sediment layers with different coring equipment.

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, two summer schools will be held synchronously in Germany and South Africa.

Further information is available from the PDF available for download below and of course from the Train-ME homepage.


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