Quaternary Geochronology Session @ GeoMünster 2019

CONVENERS: Tibor Dunai (Köln), Ralf Hetzel (Münster), Frank Preusser (Freiburg)

Understanding and quantifying the processes that modify and shape the surface of the Earth requires the determination of accurate dates and rates. Thus, the improvement and development of existing and new dating methods is essential for a better understanding of Earth`s surface processes and their relation to climate and tectonics. Currently employed geochronological methods include, for example, exposure and burial dating with cosmogenic nuclides, luminescence, radiocarbon, and paleomagnetic dating. This session invites contributions on developments and applications of all dating methods relevant to decipher Late Cenozoic landscape evolution, climate change, and active tectonics.

The keynote speakers Georgina King (Lausanne) and Vincent Godard (Aix-Marseille) will give talks on luminescence thermochronometry and the use of 36Cl in carbonate landscapes. Interested participants are invited to visit the cosmogenic nuclide laboratory in Münster and discuss all aspects of 10Be separation and target preparation with R. Hetzel and T. Dunai.


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